Thursday, May 26, 2011

the doll test today and other stories

Do you remember the psychological experiment that the supreme court justices referred to in the Brown v. Board decision? It has been conducted again. Here is a short video that one of you send me on this subject. It's a little troubling and strange (albeit 21 children makes for a very small panel and there seems to be no test panel with white children).

I also thought of you when I listened to this interview with the author of a book on a Comanche Indian born of a white mother and an Indian father. The woman was actually captured by the Native Americans in a raid. This is a story of violence and atrocities on both sides. It also offers interesting insights into the question of personnal identity ( can you stop being white? the consequences of being mixed race in the 19th century on the frontier...)
You can download this interview as a podcast on the NPR page or on i-tunes ( NPR: Fresh Air , 20 May 2011).

And finally, what does it mean to be Irish in America today? From the discrimation to McCartyism, JFK and Obama... Yet another quality podcast from Americana, a weekly BBC's programme on the US. I strongly recommend signing up to this podcast: a weekly 20 minute immersion in American life and politics.

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Mfutile said...

I think you're right about the very small number of children in the video. What's more, we don't know how they have been chosen. They may come from the same neigbourhood where they see black people working hard, getting nothing or dealing drugs while white people are the one on TV, holdings stores and so on... I also think the result might be different if they have also asked white children. I really think some of them would have shown the black doll as the pretty one.

le beauf said...
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Aude de Mézerac said...

You are right, it would be very interesting to do a real study on this theme with a rigourous method and design.
Thanks for your comment!

PS : the previous comment which now appears as deleted was my own. There is no censorship on the blog ;)

Mfutile said...

Not the same children, not the same age. Quite the same result :